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November 23, 2019

Melbourne’s world-first for high speed rail presents at World Engineers’ Convention

A unique combination of near-100% renewable energy use, attractive financial returns and a rapid solution to Melbourne’s worsening traffic congestion and urban sprawl, are characteristics of a proposed world-first application of high speed rail to commuter transport, featured today at the World Engineers’ Convention (WEC) in Melbourne. A joint RMIT-MegaRail paper outlined the $16 billion MegaRail High Speed Rail (HSR)…
News & Updates
December 12, 2017

High Speed Rail Proposal Advances to Second Stage

A proposal to build a $15 billion High Speed Rail (HSR) line from Dandenong to Geelong, via Melbourne, Werribee and Avalon - reducing travel times to as low as 30 minutes – has successfully advanced to Stage 2 of the bid process for the Australian Government’s Faster Rail Prospectus. The proposed HSR will be a congestion buster for Melbourne’s east-west…